It is one of the most common misconceptions of gambling both online and inside land-based casinos, that somehow everything you play and don’t win on is fixed one way or another. Here we set the record straight and explain how online slots are made and verified as fair games that are not fixed.

Getting Certified Fair Play Casinos in South Africa

In order to answer fully the question of slots being fixed, we need to go back in time to the formation of the casinos which supply them. At this affiliate site of ours, you will have a list of 10 online casinos that are currently the best sites open to players in South Africa. There you have legitimate operators that are licensed and also regulated. The license makes them a legally approved gambling entity and the regulation side of things makes sure they abide by a code of conduct which provides to customers a safe gaming platform and importantly (for this question) fair games to play on.

The games are fully tested by independent authorities like eCOGRA, who have certified each one of the casinos found in the top ten list as being places that give players fair and honest gaming options.

How Online Slot Machines Are Made

It doesn’t matter if these casinos were to hold the worst slots in the world or the best slots ever made. The programming to which they are made are exactly the same. Slots will only ever be bad because of lazy design and unimaginative gaming features. However, the core setup underneath the glossy styles and the exciting themes are the same. Online slot machines are impossible to fix and not be discovered by the regulators testing them. There are two algorithms, the RTP% and the RNG.

The RTP% is a percentage-based algorithmic tool that calculates when a slot pays out based on the percentage of the money that has been put into a slot game.The RNG is a random number algorithmic tool that assigns serial numbers to the symbols and generates its own on a spin to hopefully match and let you win.

These are fair programs that do not prejudice against those that are able to cash in more on a game than others, so even if you spend R1,500 rand on a game, a player only able to spend R700 has an equal chance of winning online.

So, are online slots fixed? No, the games are firstly tested by independent authorities and the algorithms used, provide fair advantages to all players regardless of their bankroll.

Strategies for Slot Success Online

If you are left with any doubt, then we can help you gain further advantages over the games you face inside the casino. Take our word for it, the games are not fixed, these tips will, however, also increase your win ratio against the casino. But in fairness, the real opponent is actually the other players, they are the ones trying to beat you to the jackpot prizes, not the casinos.

  1. Pick your playing time wisely. Think about the quiet times the casino games are going to be ready to payout. Get one over on the other players by focusing on the following time periods which are the quietest. Weekdays between 11pm and 6am. Friday 9pm to 9am, Saturdays from 9pm to 1am and Sundays 6am to 11am.

  2. Play only the games listed on the casino as either popular or newly release, or both if the options are there. These games will be the most commonly played and because of this, more money is put into the game ready to be paid out more frequently.

  3. Practice is always perfect. If your casino offers demo games, play these first to see if they are actually fun to play and profitable to win from. Save your money first rather than spending money learning the hard way and at a cost.

  4. Play with bonuses. That free spin you claim could be the one that lands you the win and not some other player.

You are now ready to experience it all yourself within the best South African casinos online.